Cutrona Electric takes great pleasure in servicing the electrical needs of our neighbors here in our beautiful home state of Connecticut.

One of the amazing towns we have the honor of working in is Redding.

A few fun facts about Redding (courtesy of Wikipedia):

At the time colonials began receiving grants for land within the boundaries of present-day Redding, Native American trails crossed through portions of the area, including the Berkshire Path running north-south.

According to Fairfield County and state records from the time Redding was formed, the original name of the town was Reading, after the town in Berkshire, England.

In 1834, Gilbert & Bennett Co. purchased the site of a former comb mill alongside the Norwalk River in the Georgetown section of Redding, and began producing wire mesh cloth for varying uses, in time to include sieves and window screens.

Secrets of Redding Glen, a children's book written and illustrated by Jo Polseno, chronicles the natural cycle of wildlife along a section of the Saugatuck River.